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Choose to learn in both manual and automatic vehicles.

Passing Place offers driving tuition in either a manual or automatic car. You can choose which vehicle you would like for any driving course, from learner lessons, refresher lessons, Pass Plus to taxi and advanced training. You can even choose to try or change the vehicle type during your course if, for example, you find changing gears in a manual car to be a particular problem.

Although it is recommended to still learn in a manual vehicle (and most pupils still do), automatic cars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, so the favouritism towards manual transmission is slowly dwindling. Moreover, as the world gradually makes the switch to electric cars, automatic gearboxes will become more prevalent.

Please note that if you choose to learn in an automatic car, then when you pass the learner driving test you are only entitled to drive automatic vehicles. If you pass your driving test in a manual car, then you are entitled to drive both manual and automatic vehicles. If you intend to only ever drive automatic vehicles then this restriction is not a problem, but if you intend to also drive a manual vehicle then you would have to sit and pass the driving test again in manual driving car.

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